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“p-Adic Methods for Modelling of Complex Systems”
(April 15–19, 2013, Bielefeld University, Bielefeld, Germany)

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Presentations of the talks


I.V.Volovich , Rational numbers and black hole formation paradox detailed balance conditions

A.Khrennikov, On utrametric structure of unconsciousness

A.Bendikov, Hierarchical Laplacian

M.D.Missarov, Renormalization theory and renormalization group in the p-adic mirror

B.Diarra, p-Adic dynamical systems of Chebyshev polynomials

A.Kosyak, Induced representations of infinite-dimensional groups

S.Jeong, Toward the ergodicity of p-adic 1-Lipschitz functions represented by the van der Put series

I.Ya.Arefeva, p-Adic models as holographic description of String Field Theory inspired Models

B.Dragovich, On p-Adic Genetic Code and Bio-Information

F.Murtagh, The New Science of Complex Systems Through Ultrametric and p-Adic Analysis: Application to Search and Discovery, to Narrative and to Thinking

S.V.Kozyrev, Multidimensional clustering and hypergraphs

P.E.Bradley, Finding the assymptotically optimal Baire distance for multi-channel data

A.Koshelev, p-Adic formulation of non-local gravity

W.Zuniga-Galindo, Non Archimedean Pseudodifferential Equations of Klein-Gordon Type

A.N.Kochubei, Radial Solutions of Non-Archimedean Pseudo-Differential Equations

E.Yurova, Criteria of measure-preserving for p-adic dynamical systems in terms of the van der Put basis

B.Tirozzi, Storage and Retrieval of Ultrametric Patterns in a network of CA1 neurons of the hippocampus

A.Vourdas, Quantum mechanics on rational numbers

S.Torba, Adeles as a metric space and parabolic type equations on adeles

E.Nagel, Fourier theory of differentiable functions

E.I.Zelenov, Qualitative theory of p-adic dynamical systems

M.Skopina, On p-adic wavelets

E.King, Frame theory for locally compact abelian groups

S.Evdokimov, Haar multiresolution analysis and Haar bases on the ring of rational adeles

A.Escassut, Meromorphic functions sharing a small function, counting multiplicity

L.Liao, Minimal decomposition of linear fractional transformations on the projective line over Q_p

Pei-Chu Hu, Bounds of discriminants of number fields

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